Pierrick Delhaise

Director Marketing and Business Development, IRIS a Canon Company

Pierrick has over 15 years’ experience helping organizations make the most of their digital transformation journeys. He is currently Marketing & Business Development Director at IRIS P&T. IRIS, a Canon company, provide their partners and customers with top of the class solutions that allow them to automate Information Management and focus on their core business.

Session Details

Digital Transformation: Moving from Hype to Action! 
2.45pm - 3.30pm 

Redesigning information processes for a digital business model: what is the role of document classification / data capture to enable processes? Can cloud help speeding up adoption? How to shift the business case from cost savings to benefits discussions?

Benefits of attending: 

  • Garbage in, garbage out > Meaningful data is key to any business process and the digitisation is therefore key 
  • The importance of ‘understanding’ data and information in order to optimise and automate processes  
  • Automate one process at a time, with the big picture in mind 

Questions for discussion: 

  • From unstructured data to structured data, what is the role of document classification / data capture to enable processes for digital transformation?
  • Keeping in mind that quick wins will generate trust within the organisation, what processes would you optimise & automate first? 
  • The cost saving argument is not good enough anymore to get the board buy-in. What are the ‘killer’ arguments? 
  • Would you consider capture services in the cloud to benefit from machine learning on big data sets?
  • What is ok in the cloud and what’s not? Data capture, DMS, archiving…?


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