Fabrizio Falzarano

Head of Business Development, Canon

Fabrizio has over ten years’ experience in the Information Management market having worked for major providers in the Enterprise Software and Services industry. He is currently in charge of Business Development for Canon EMEA’s Information Management & Solutions business. He has previously covered product marketing and strategy roles with focus on Digital Transformation, Enterprise Content Management & Intelligent Information Capture.

Session Details

Digital Transformation: Moving from Hype to Action! 
2.45pm - 3.30pm 
Paris Room

Redesigning information processes for a digital business model: what is the role of document classification / data capture to enable processes? Can cloud help speeding up adoption? How to shift the business case from cost savings to benefits discussions?

Benefits of attending: 

  • Garbage in, garbage out > Meaningful data is key to any business process and the digitisation is therefore key 
  • The importance of ‘understanding’ data and information in order to optimise and automate processes  
  • Automate one process at a time, with the big picture in mind 

Questions for discussion: 

  • From unstructured data to structured data, what is the role of document classification / data capture to enable processes for digital transformation?
  • Keeping in mind that quick wins will generate trust within the organisation, what processes would you optimise & automate first? 
  • The cost saving argument is not good enough anymore to get the board buy-in. What are the ‘killer’ arguments? 
  • Would you consider capture services in the cloud to benefit from machine learning on big data sets?
  • What is ok in the cloud and what’s not? Data capture, DMS, archiving…?


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