Vijay Magon

Managing Director, C-Cube Solutions

Prior to founding the company, Vijay Magon spent 15 years working in the defence industry in research-based roles.  

He has a PhD in particle physics from The University of London and held research posts at The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK and CERN in Geneva.  

A member of AIIM’s Advisory Committee, Vijay Magon is active in developing and guiding the future direction of the ECM industry. He is also a member of the Institute of Physics.  

Over twenty years’ experience in designing, installing, and supporting Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRM), and Workflow solutions, integrated with business processes, including design and delivery of EDRM solutions for Patient Records Management.
  • Responsibilities included design, development, implementation, and support of EDRM and Workflow systems ranging from small, department-wide systems to full integrated, enterprise-wide systems.
  • Helping to deliver Paper Less healthcare in UK NHS.
  • Product development work.
  • Implementation & Training guidelines
  • Manage teams, including sales, admin, and technical staff.
  • Provide technical input to support sales staff, including presentations & seminars at events
  • Develop CCube Solutions profile in UK.
  • Develop business partnerships in Europe.

Session Details

eForms & Tablets
11.00am - 11.30am

eForms, have been around for a few short years. Mobile or tablet devices are more recent, and have made a huge impact on our computing experience. Now we have both – are we witnessing a marriage made in heaven?

Learning Outcomes:

  • eForms are very different compared with paper forms.
  • eForms are fun and smart.
  • eForms can be used on standard tablets.