Rob Gibson

IT Systems Manager, Sodexo

Rob Gibson is an experienced IT Systems Manager who has developed his career at facilities management and food service company Sodexo. Over the past four years, Rob has been instrumental in rolling out EQMS - an electronic quality and compliance management system. Sodexo use EQMS to manage document control, audits, incident logging and training records for many of their heavily-regulated sites. Rob has introduced and managed a number of initiatives to raise awareness of the system and engage its users. Rob and his team are now on an exciting journey to roll out EQMS worldwide. As Sodexo is one of the largest employers in the world, this is not without its challenges!  

Session Details

Driving Engagement with Enterprise Software
15.30pm - 16.00pm

Lots of large organisations spend significant sums on new enterprise software but the projects fail due to a lack of engagement by the end users. Through implementing a programme of strategies and initiatives to raise awareness and drive engagement, Sodexo, one of the world’s largest employers, has achieved significant success rolling out their enterprise quality management system, EQMS. In this presentation, Rob Gibson will discuss his journey with EQMS and his plans for the future.